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A Breast Lift at Millennium Clinic Tijuana can be the ideal solution for you.

  • If your looking to re-contour loose, sagging breasts.

  • If you want to restore firmness of the breasts, and correct its position on the chest wall without increasing or decreasing its size

Millennium certified surgeons have the expertise to perform this procedure safely, always having your best results in mind.

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The operation involves a rearrangement of the soft tissues, shifting of the nipple position, and increasing firmness by tightening the skin. The incisions are intended to be as minimal and as concealed as possible. Nipple sensation usually returns to normal, although there could be some numbness during the healing process.


It is important that after the surgery heavy lifting and exercising are avoided.

You may be able to drive between 24 and 48 hours after surgery, but only short distances.

Bathe with warm water starting from the fourth day after surgery. It is noteworthy that you should avoid long showers or showers with hot water.



After the surgery there will be some swelling and bruising and perhaps a sensation of skin tightness but these are temporary and only last a few days. With this surgery there is a minimal risk of soft tissue loss, however, the usual risks attached to any surgical procedure such as infection, bleeding, haematomas (blood collection under the skin) may arise.

Mastopexy is an excellent surgical procedure. It produces rejuvenated breasts, which is the anatomical objective, but it should be remembered that the benefits extend way beyond this, in terms of enhanced self-image and self-confidence. It has helped many women to regain a more youthful and feminine contour and it makes a significant contribution to feelings of femininity and a general sense of well-being.



Duration:  3 to 4 hrs.


Type of surgery: 24 hrs hospitalization.


Anesthesia:  Epidural Block.


Recovery time:3 to 4 weeks of rest  / 4 weeks to get back to work.


Final outcome: 3 to 4 months.


Infections, seromas, capsular contracture.

Necrosis of the nipple-areola and skin complex where the incision was made, depending on the size and sagging of the breasts.

Wound dehiscence
It is not recommended to close the second intention wound. It should heal on its own, which will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks of recovery until the skin is fully healed.

None of this should happen if the patient maintains the necessary rest and follows the entirety of instructions for recovery

Fat embolism
It occurs due to venous coagulation in patients who have taken contraception for several years, have had multiple pregnancies, overweight women, diabetics, hypertension, patients who have been traveling in a vehicle or airplane for more than 6 hours right after a surgery varicose veins, venous insufficiency and smokers.

These complications happen more frequently with lipectomy and body liposuction.


In this section you can find some success stories that will help you make the best decision to change your life.

To learn more cases, schedule a visit with us and we will show you our complete gallery.

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